Such a Waste

He eats in peace, checking his phone every once in a while for a text or call from his employees about the new business deal they were given. Everything else is blocked out, as if nothing else in the world matters except for his job and his money.

This goes on for several minutes, with him answering calls, replying to text messages that bombard his phone every five seconds and in the midst of all this, he does not notice the child who approaches the table where he is seated at.

The child asks in a timid voice, “Um, sir?”

He finally notices the child and sighs in annoyance. “I will call you back,” he says into the phone, before disconnecting the call. He places his phone into the pocket of his suit jacket and asks the child, “What can I do for you?”

The child takes out a small brown envelope from the small bag around her waist and hands it to him. He takes it and looks at the child before reading what is written on the envelope.

Please give support to the family of Mrs. dela Cruz, who is in dire need of financial help to pay for her heart operation. Any amount of money will do. We appreciate and thank you for your kind help. May God bless you.

He looks up at the child who was waiting patiently for him to donate money and return the envelope. His eyebrows furrowed. Now, he thought, why in the world would I give this child money? For all I know, this could be a scam, a trick. No. I would not just hand out my money like that. That would be such a waste.

The child is still waiting, looking at him with innocent eyes. For a moment, he looks down at the envelope in his hands and considers placing a small amount of money in it, but then reconsiders.

What am I thinking?

He shakes his head. He hides the envelope under the table and pretends to put in some money in it, making the envelope look a little bulky. After, he gives the envelope to the child and the child takes it, smiles at him and says “Thank you,” before walking away.

He slouches in his seat, picks up his phone and answers another call.


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