Perfection was a must when it came to you. You were created by Him just as all the others were, but with a very different role. You had to be extraordinary to dwell in His almighty presence, to dwell in His throne room in the place where there is no sorrow, no suffering, no pain—where there is only joy, contentment, and all good things.

You, the Son of the Morning, were a step higher than all the other angels in Heaven. You were magnificent, truly amazing, not only in appearance, but also in intelligence. You, a mere angel, understood His ways.

You knew you were splendid, magnificent. You knew that you surpassed all the other angels in beauty and intellect.

Your wisdom, ability, beauty, and perfection were not enough for you.

You thought that it would be fair if you were given the praise that your master, the Almighty, was given day by day. You wanted to measure up to Him.

You wanted to be worshipped like Him. You wanted to be Him.

And He knew. He knew about your pride, your thirst for so much more than all that He had given you. The other angels must have wondered and thought: wasn’t what He gave you enough? All the intelligence, the beauty, the wisdom?

And the answer was crystal clear: No.

So you were cast out of heaven, stripped of all your beauty, intelligence, wisdom and privileges to that great place. You ended up in the pits of Hell, forever damned.

You look up from your dwelling place now, and catch a glimpse of the place you once called your home.

You, once a magnificent being high up in the home of the Almighty Father, now isolated from everything you once knew and treasured; a being that will stop at nothing to get what you want—to get yourself back on top—to get your sweet revenge.

But as of now: fallen.


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