Me, The Devil, and Hell

An interview with the Devil himself . . .

(Note: I don’t really want to interview the Devil anytime soon. Just saying. Scares the living daylights out of me.)

Me: So…Mr. Satan, how are you today?

Satan: I’m doing well. Not that it’s any of your business, really.

Me: Okay. So would you mind answering a few questions?

Satan: It depends on what questions.

Me: Alright, then. Let’s start. You were once an angel of God, am I correct?

Satan: Yes. One of his favorites, actually. I was once named Lucifer, the angel of light.

Me: Yes. Okay. So… Why is it that He banished you from heaven?

Satan: I wanted to be Him. I wanted to be greater then Him. And He is a jealous God. Of course that could not be. There is only one God and that is He. I was punished for wanting to be Him and my punishment was to be cast out of heaven and into hell.

Me: Okay. Do you think this was justified?

Satan: He is God. There is always justice in what He does. Or so it seems. What? I could not speak out for wanting something?

Me: I didn’t say such things. So why is it that you like going against God all the time?

Satan: Were you even listening? He cast me out of heaven and into the pits of hell. It is nowhere near pleasant down there. And I’m considered a fallen angel. A fallen angel. That does not explain enough?

Me: All right. I think that’s enough for today. Uhm… Thank you for your time, Mr. Satan.

Satan: [Goes away]


Me: Thank you, Lord, for your guidance through all troubled times.


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