How to Get Through a Bad Day



On some days, you wake up in the morning feeling utterly happy and know that it’s going to be a good day. And then something happens that brings you into a bad mood and this goes on throughout the day. Or you wake up in the morning already in a bad mood and your day just goes on from there. Sometimes, even, it feels like the world would never be the same again (But that’s just exaggerating your feelings when you’re in a bad mood—don’t do that). It’s not the end of the world (And here is the part where I say that the Mayans were wrong. Because I’m still alive and breathing—I’m still here and so are you. Or maybe I’m not. Maybe this is someone else writing, not me. ->I’m just kidding about those last parts. But I’m not joking about how the Mayans were wrong.)

Anyway, never mind my rambling. We were talking about how to get through a bad day, right? Right—back to that. Everyone has their own way of dealing with a bad day—whether it’s standing outside and staring into space, taking a nap, or even curling up in a corner and reading a book—and the events surrounding it. Here are some ways:

  • Eat your comfort food. Really, this helps a lot. Whether it is pizza, chocolate, pie, donuts, or anything edible, go ahead and eat it! That’s why it’s called comfort food—it should give you some comfort when you need it.
  • Have fun with and seek comfort from your friends. Your friends are the people who could help lift your mood when you’re having a bad day. Have fun with them; play games, write stuff together, do whatever will help you forget—temporarily—the reasons why you’re in a bad mood. Seek comfort from them; talk to them about what’s bothering you. It will relieve you of your bad mood when you tell them the truth.
  • Find comfort from your family. Your family is always there for you, whether you realize it or not. Don’t think otherwise. Talk to them about why you’re having a bad day. Apply the rule in bullet#1 while doing so. If a family member is the reason why you’re not the happiest person right now, talk to them, still.
  • Do what you love to do. Dance, sing, write in your journal, read a book, go online, do whatever hobbies you enjoy. This will brighten your mood—maybe not completely—but it will help; do the things you love. Enough said.
  • Face whatever is bringing you down. When you have a problem, it’s better to face it head on instead of skirting around it. Skirting around it will not solve the problem. Approach the problem and try to figure out how to solve it. 🙂

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