Why Discriminate?

We all have different races. There are the blacks, the whites, the yellow race, and the brown race. We discriminate each other because of our race because we think that our race is superior to other people’s races. For example, the white people think that the blacks are inferior to them, and they always show this when they have the chance. They think that their race is the best among all races and they look down upon all others who are not the same as they are. That is just wrong. We should all treat one another the same way we treat our own race. We need to respect others so that others will also learn to respect us, instead of being put down, and also putting other people down. God made us different because He wants us to know that being different from one another is not a problem and that we should learn to respect and love one another for what we look like and for who really are.

Politics is another touchy subject. We discriminate one another because of politics because we blame and judge one another for the different choices we make. For example, when it is time to vote for new government officials, we all have different choices and opinions as to whom we would vote for to become the new president, vice president, treasurer, etc. Some government officials who are voted for are not exactly who we think of them to be. Some may be corrupt, greedy, self-centered, boastful, and any other bad characteristic you could think of. Some of us vote for those we think are responsible enough to lead the country and some of us vote for those who look generous, kind, helpful, responsible and capable of leading the country, but are really self-centered, greedy, irresponsible, and corrupt on the inside, then people judge us by those whom we voted for. People would think that we are like those people with bad characteristics because we voted for them, but that is simply false. We should not judge others by whom they respect and vote for because they are not the same as those they vote and respect. We are all different and we should respect and understand each other so that we ourselves can be treated the same.

Religion is the most important topic that I like to talk about. We all have different religions. Most of us are Catholics, some of us are Protestants, some are Muslims, and some are Christians. We discriminate each other because of our religion because we think that we are right and that others who have different religions are wrong. For example, among Protestants, which include several sects, one sect claims to be better than the other, saying that it is in the right path towards God. Also conservatives say they are right as against the liberals of religion. We just need to bring each other to the right way so that we would not discriminate each other, but if those who discriminate say that they are right just let them be, and do not interfere so that you would not be affected by any other discrimination.


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