I Will Wait For You Always

Hours turned into days
And days turned into months
Through all that time
I searched and searched
But I never found you

Every second you were gone,
I wept and sobbed
Every night I cried myself to sleep
And when the memory of you came to me
I broke down, missing you all the while

I never stopped looking
This you have to know
Without you, I was full of anger and bitterness
Not having you around
It almost drove me insane

I will not ever stop looking
And despite everything, all I want
Is for you to be back here with me
For you to hold me, just be with me
And lull me into dreamless sleep

I miss you every second of every day
Every day that you were away
Because you are my everything
And can you not see
That when I find you, I’ll find me

-Inspired by Percabeth. :3


One thought on “I Will Wait For You Always

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