Choose Her.

They are sitting beside each other on the porch of her house, looking out into the fading light of the sky.

Tyler: [Sigh] Trin…
Trinity: [Shakes head] I know. Madison made you choose between us.
Tyler: How did you–?
Trinity: [Looks down] I heard you two. I hadn’t left the classroom yet when you both started arguing.
Tyler: Oh, geez. You didn’t need to hear all that.
Trinity: But I did.
Tyler: Trin–
Trinity: You should choose her.
Tyler: [Shocked] What? How could you say that?
Trinity: [Talks quietly] I just think you need time away from me.
Tyler: Need time away from you? I don’t need time away from you! I have so much time for you, and I like spending all of it with you.
Trinity: That’s the point! [Looks up at Tyler] You spend so much time with me that you barely spend time with other people.
Tyler: So are you saying that you don’t want me to spend time with you anymore?
Trinity: [Stands up] That’s not what I’m saying.
Tyler: [Stands up and faces Trinity] Then what, Trin?
Trinity: I’m saying that maybe you should just stop talking to me for a while. Until things settle down.
Tyler stands there, stunned. He does not know how their conversation ended up like this.
Trinity: [Looks away]
Tyler: Did I do something wrong? Is this why you’re trying to get me to stay away from you?
Trinity: [Looks back at Tyler] No! You didn’t do anything wrong.
Tyler: What did I do? Trin, just tell me why you’re acting like this.
Trinity: Tyler, you didn’t do anything wrong. Believe me.
Tyler: Then why are you acting like this? If anyone did something to you—
Trinity: It’s just—It’s…
Tyler: [Shakes head in frustration] It’s what? Trin, would you just tell—
Trinity: [Speaks in a rush] Madison told me to stay away from you!
Tyler: [Shocked] What?
Trinity: [Speaks slower] Madison told me—
Tyler: [Shakes head] I heard you. This is why you’re acting like this?
Trinity: [Walks to the front door] Let’s just forget about this, Ty.
Tyler: [Reaches for Trinity’s wrist] No! I won’t just forget about this!
Trinity: [Shakes head] It’s getting late. [Speaks in a hushed voice] We can talk tomorrow. Good night. [Tugs hand away from Tyler and goes inside the house]
Tyler: [Stands in silence for a minute] … [Slumps against the door and places face in hands]


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