Life is a Race

Many changes happen when we grow up. We like new things, our old toys are left under our beds and gather dust, our dreams and fantasies are left behind. We all know how it feels to grow up.

I remember when I was younger I liked playing with Barbie dolls, watching princess movies. I’ve outgrown those things, and I like new things, such as reading books, drawing, painting, making scrapbooks, participating in sports. And some things will never change, like being with my family, hanging out with friends, and believing in God. 

Life is a race. There are many surprises and obstacles that we have to get through. Sometimes, we just want to skip all those surprises and obstacles, but, clearly, doing that would just make each situation worse. Growing up; that’s one of the many obstacles we encounter in our lives. You may hear people say, “I don’t want to grow up. I want to stay as a kid forever.” Well, I’m one of those people. I really do not want to grow up and leave my childhood behind. But that simply cannot be. I’m already a third year in high school, and where I am now in my life seems to astound me because it feels like yesterday I was just in elementary, and now I’m a high school student. I have experienced many things in my life; some were easy while some were really difficult to go through. One thing that was really difficult for me in the process of growing up was leaving elementary. Why? Well, it is because I had made some good friends who accepted me for being who I truly am, looked past my flaws and really got to know me, and then we just happened to be separated from each other.  See? Now that was really difficult. Growing up is difficult.

Like I said, life is a race. When we were born, or from birth, is the start of our race. We have to finish our race fairly, without cheating, because even when we get to the finish line, when it is our time to go back with our Heavenly Father (to put it simply; when it is our time to die), and we have cheated in some point in our lives, it would not be considered as winning because, as said, you have cheated. In a race, we go, we fall, but we pick ourselves up, and we go on. That is life. In life, we go. We do things that we want and need to do. In life, we fall. We make mistakes and we lose in certain occasions. In life, when we fall, we pick ourselves up. We fail at times, but we always manage to try doing things again. As the saying goes, “You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But the only real failure is when you stop trying.” We should always try things again and again, even if it can be frustrating. Lastly, in life, we go on. We start things in life, we fail in doing them, but we try again, and when we try again, we go on.



3 thoughts on “Life is a Race

  1. Reblogged this on Forever Unstoppable. and commented:
    Life is a race that I don’t really want to finish. But, as it said in this post, life goes on. “Time is a slut, she screws everyone.” That’s the problem. Time screws with you again and again, and it seems like everyone except you is ahead of your time. But then again, I guess life is really like that. It changes you for whatever reason and it gives you these obstacles that you have to face to prepare yourself for the near future.
    -sigh- Again, so much for escaping reality (and life).

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